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BCJSA Background Policy

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The information is listed under Documents on the left column.

Note that BCJSA is seeking to protect the most vulnerable group of people within our community – our children.  As such, our standard of review of these matters is higher than a court of law finding an individual guilty or not guilty by the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard.

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Claude Vigil

BCJSA President



List of Automatic Disqualifying Offenses


The following is a list of conduct, any of which are automatic grounds for disqualifying a volunteer from being affiliated with BCJSA:



  1. Any and all crimes against children either as perpetrator or accomplice, including but not limited to
    • Abandonment
    • Abuse
    • Contributing to the delinquency of a minor
    • Endangerment
    • Indecency
    • Neglect
    • Possession or dissemination of child pornography
    • Sexual assault, battery or molestation
    • Providing alcohol or drugs to a minor
  2. Any and all crimes of a sexual nature, including but not limited to
    • Indecent exposure
    • Molestation
    • Prohibited sexual conduct
    • Rape
    • Sexual abuse
    • Sexual assault or sexual battery
    • Sodomy
    • Solicitation or prostitution
  3. Any crimes involving any of the following:
    • Animal cruelty
    • Armed robbery
    • Arson
    • Felony assault
    • Felony or repeated drug crimes (possession, distribution, etc.)
    • Homicide in any degree
    • Injury to elderly or disabled
    • Kidnapping
    • Manslaughter (involuntary or voluntary)
    • Multiple DUI, DWI offenses - more than one (1) in past seven (7) years
    • Multiple domestic violence offenses – more than one (1) in past seven (7) years
    • Weapons violations


  1. Financial crimes (theft, embezzlement, absconding, fraud, forgery, etc.) may or may not prohibit a volunteer from acting as coach, team manager, and/or an on-field or on-court volunteer, but will automatically disqualify the applicant from any board role, or any role involving the handling of finances or money.


This list of conduct is not intended to be all-inclusive and in no way sets limits on the conduct


deemed grounds for disqualifying an individual from affiliation with BCJSA.  Decisions on all other conduct, crimes or offenses not otherwise described above will be made at the sole, exclusive, and unappealable discretion of BCJSA.  Further, the names used to describe the crimes above are merely descriptive in nature and are not meant to be the exact name or terminology of such crimes within the Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 18 (“Criminal Code”).



List of Potentially Disqualifying Offenses


The following is a list of offenses that could, within BCJSA’s sole, exclusive, and unappealable discretion, be grounds to disqualify a volunteer from being affiliated with BCJSA. 



·         A single drug possession or delivery charge or conviction (misdemeanor only; within last 7 years)


·         A single DWI, DUI (within last 7 years)


·         A single Domestic Violence charge or conviction (within last 7 years)



Factors BCJSA may consider when evaluating these offenses include the severity and length of time passed since the offense occurred, recommendations by any officer of the Court or licensed therapist/counselor, conditions of any probation or other sentence, rehabilitative efforts exhibited over an extended period of time, and/or other such factors as BCJSA may deem relevant.



Additional grounds for Disqualifying an Applicant


In addition to the criminal offenses above, an applicant shall be automatically disqualified as a volunteer for the following:



  1. providing false or intentionally misleading information to BCJSA on any form, application, questionnaire or other document submitted in support of an applicant’s offer to volunteer
  2. failure to provide BCJSA with any additional statements or documentation reasonably requested to explain or clarify any issues surrounding the applicant’s application, background check results, or fitness to volunteer